Okay *shakes head at self* I forgot The Best Humor Winners

I don't have the People Choice's Runner Up Banner here with me...*grr* it's at home and I'm at work. So at about 1 am my time, when I get off work:( I'll put up that Banner...I'm So Sorry!!!!!!!

Here are the other three:)

And The Winner's Of Round One Are......

First let me say thank you to everyone!!!!!

Thank you to all the help I was given to make these awards work!!!

Big Thanks to like_cheap_wine and laurab1 for making such wonderful banners!!!!

To everyone who helped out *gives huge hugs*

Also thank you to those who nominated and voted for the Authors/Artists!!!

Reminder: This is only Round One...Round Two will start soon. So please make sure that you nominate your favorites next round!

As for Round One winners...let me be the first to say congratulations!!!!

But remember 'We Are All Winners"

(In The People's Choice Awards there was a few ties...that is why there is three banners for some of them)

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Hello, The People’s Choice Awards Poll is closed!

All Winners for the People’s Choice Awards will be named December 20th

Some voters have voted twice in each category, when only one was allowed in each. For those who have, I’ll pick your first vote and your other/s will not count.

Because of this the results of The People’s Choice Awards will not be the same as it looks in the polls.

Thank you so much for those who have voted!!!

3rd Update!!!

Thank you to everyone that has nominated someone!!!!

You have until Oct. 31/06 to nominate your favourite Author/Artist!! Remember that this is only Round One...You all have a chance to nominate your favourite Author/Artist in Round Two as well.

After Oct.31/06, a group of judges will go through nominations and on Dec 2/06 the winners will be named and banners made by laurab1 will be handed out:)

We will also have A People's Choice Award for each category as well.

On November 2/06, a poll will be posted, and you have until November 19/06 to vote. The winners of The People's Choice Awards will also be named and given banners made by like_cheap_wine on Dec.2/06!

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And as it stands...here are the nominees of Round One...

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Welcome to Round One of The Smallville Awards

You have until Oct 31/06 to Nominate!!!

This site was made to show our love to those Authors/Artists that we adore.

Have you read something in the Smallville fandom that made the words just jump out of the computer and into your heart?

Have you spent hours in front of the monitor, way past bedtime and read something...simply because you just couldn't stop?

If you have-- vote now and show the Authors/Artists how much they're loved!

December 2/06 all our winners will be named.

One will be Judge’s choice and the second award will be People’s Choice. On November 2/06 I’ll put out a poll of all the nominees and everyone will have until November 19/06 to put in a vote.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them here or you can email me at fan_spagle@yahoo.ca

We have 18 categories, just click and you're ready to post a nomination!

Best Outstanding Author, Best Outstanding New Author, Best Graphic Artist, Best Fanart, Best Video, Best Video Artist


Best of Angst, Best of Romance, Best of Humor, Best of Drama, Best of NC-17, Best of Series, Best of Drabble/Ficlet (100 to 1000 words), Best of Fluff, Best of WIP, Best of Crossover, Best of Alternate Universe/Reality, Best of Dark

If you are nominated feel free to take the pretty button!

Best of Alternate Universe/Reality